Ralph Adams Group Alumni

Adams group alumni at 2010 reunion

Students, Researchers and Visiting Scientists Associated with Dr. Adams

Students, Researchers and Visiting Scientists Associated with Dr. Adams
NameAssociation with Adams Group
Bacon, JeffGraduate student (PhD)
Blank, C. LeRoyGraduate student (PhD)
Bradberry, Charles W.Graduate student (PhD)
Cammack, JonGraduate student (PhD)
Capella, PeterGraduate student (PhD)
Chambers III, James Q.Graduate student (PhD)
Chey, WillieGraduate student (MS)
Conti, James C.Graduate student (PhD)
Darlington, R. KeithUndergraduate student
Dreiling, Roger J.Undergraduate student
Feinberg, Benjamin A.Graduate student (PhD)
Feldberg, SteveVisiting Professor/Researcher
Galus, Zbigniew (George)Postdoctoral/Research Associate
Gerhardt, Greg A.Graduate student (PhD)
Ghasemzadeh, BenhamGraduate student (PhD)
Gouvion, CynthiaPostdoctoral/Research Associate
Hawley, M. DaleGraduate student (PhD)
Huff, RitaGraduate student (PhD)
Jeftic, BebPostdoctoral/Research Associate
Keller Jr., Richard W.Graduate student (PhD)
Kissinger, PetePostdoctoral/Research Associate
Kuwana, TedGraduate student (PhD)
Layloff Jr., Thomas P.Graduate student (PhD)
Leedy, Donald W.Graduate student (PhD)
Liang, YolaGraduate student (PhD)
Malachesky, Paul A.Graduate student (PhD)
Manning, Charles R. (Gus)Graduate student (PhD)
Marcoux, Lynn S.Graduate student (PhD)
Marsden, CharlesVisiting Professor/Researcher
May, Leslie J.Undergraduate student
McCreery, Richard L.Graduate student (PhD)
Mefford, Ivan N.Graduate student (PhD)
Milby, Kristin H.Graduate student (PhD)
Miller, Ellen G.Undergraduate student
Miller, Terry A.Undergraduate student
Mitchell, Kim M.Graduate student (PhD)
Moghaddam, BitaGraduate student (PhD)
Mueller, Theodore R.Graduate student (PhD)
Nelson, Robert F.Graduate student (PhD)
Oke, ArvinGraduate student (PhD)
Olson, Carter L.Graduate student (PhD)
Papouchado, Lucien M.Graduate student (PhD)
Park, George B.Graduate student (PhD)
Petrie, Glen A.Graduate student (PhD)
Piekarski, StanleyGraduate student (PhD)
Plotsky, PaulUndergraduate student
Prater, Barbara L.Undergraduate student
Prater, Keith B.Undergraduate student
Refshauge, Charles J.Graduate student (PhD)
Rice, Margaret E.Graduate student (PhD)
Sanford Jr., Robert W.Graduate student (MS)
Schenk, James O.Graduate student (PhD)
Seo, EddieGraduate student (PhD)
Shiekhattar, RaminGraduate student (PhD)
Soper, SteveGraduate student (PhD) in Kuwana lab
Strope, ElaineGraduate student (PhD)
Swain, GregGraduate student (PhD) in Kuwana lab
Tatawadi, ShankarGraduate student (PhD)
Thrivikraman, K.V.Graduate student (PhD)
Tse, DanUndergraduate student
Voran, BeverlyVisiting Professor/Researcher
Wentz, MarkUndergraduate student
White, WesleyGraduate student (PhD)
Wightman, R. MarkGraduate student (PhD)
Zimmerman, JohnGraduate student (PhD)
Man with camera at 2010 Adams group reunion at KU
Adams alumni at 2010 group reunion

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